2016 STEM-ING Workshop Descriptions 

There are 15 workshops to choose from!  Students will participate in 3 hands-on workshops during the event. Workshop space is limited and availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students’ top workshop choices may not be guaranteed.  If the students’ first choices are not granted due to availability, then the registrant will be placed in their backup workshop choice or another available workshop.  Workshop descriptions are provided below. Desired workshops will be selected during registration.

1) 3…2…1 Blast Off!

It’s not like its Rocket Science…oh wait, yes it is! In this workshop, you will be able to build rockets using nothing but straws, cardboard fins and molding clay! Once your rocket is built, use a launcher to send it flying through the air, propelled by your own force. After the launch, you can change the shape, size, and design of the rocket to make it fly higher, farther, or faster! You’ll learn about how the size, weight, thrust, and trajectory of a rocket can change how high and far the rocket can fly. During the workshop, you’ll have the chance to perfect your design and use your rocket to hit a target.

2) B3: Beta Bracelets Boutique

Have you ever wondered how computers understand the information we give them? Did you know computers read information differently than we do? In this workshop, you’ll learn about how computers read information and you’ll use math problems to translate your name into “computer speak”. After translating your name, you’ll use beads to turn the translation into your very own bracelet that you can take home and show your friends!

3) Choose Your Own Collegiate Adventure

Want to see where college students live, learn, and apply STEM education? Take a walk with St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) staff and students to see where exciting things are happening in subjects like math, chemistry, biology, physics, and neurosciences every day! You’ll find campus hot spots using global positioning systems (GPS) and get the opportunity to ask your tour guides all about their STEM career fields, campus life, and college experiences!

Note: Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the outside temperature.
4) Climbing Up on Science

Imagine dangling on a rope… your hands gripping onto anything…just trying to hang on! Betcha didn’t think science could be this exciting! Join us for this cliff-hanging workshop to learn how physics and mechanical science concepts like friction, center of gravity, weight distribution, and equipment design keep you safe while high off the ground in the sport of rock climbing. Suit-up and use the relevant concepts you’ve learned to race your friends to the top of a massive rock structure.

Note: There are inherent bodily risks involved in climbing wall activities. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver are required during registration. Students are encouraged to wear long shorts/pants for this exercise.

5) The Coolest Stuff on Earth

What’s colder than ice, but boils? What can covert a piece of fruit into a hammer? What can make ice cream in an instant? Find out during this exploration of material properties and thermodynamics. You will be amazed to learn what happens to normal, everyday objects when we change their material properties by varying temperatures. Get a real, hands-on understanding of these changes by freezing, thawing, measuring, smashing, squishing, and breaking all kinds of things! Then learn how scientists are using these same properties and principles along with laser technology to create the coldest stuff on earth!

Note: This workshop is not recommended for students with any food allergies. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver will be required.

6) C.S.I: Cyber Unit

Are you interested in computer crime? Want to become a digital crime scene investigator? As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, the likelihood of cyber-attacks continues to soar. During this workshop you will be an important part in the cyber line-of-defense in stopping a cyber-attack (based on a real life scenario!) Practice forensic case detective work, handle digital evidence, and perform data recovery and extraction just like cyber technologists. In this workshop you’ll learn about cyber technology and cyber-crime investigation using real-world techniques and equipment. Come help us prevent cyber-attacks and keep those around you safe from cyber-crime!

7) #Harmonizing Hamsters

Jam like the professionals, create your own tunes, and sample remixes! All of today’s hit recording artists use computer editing and mixing to create their music. Using a virtual music studio, you will learn about pitch, audio frequencies, signal processing, and the role of audio engineers while creating music for your very own harmonizing, lip-syncing, cartoon hamsters.

8) It Came From Outer space

Ever wonder what’s out there in outer space? Know the difference between comets, asteroids, meteors, and meteorites? How do meteor craters form and why do they all look different? Find the answers to these questions in this fun workshop where you will “cook up” a comet and create “meteorite” impacts.

9) Secret Codes

Want to learn about the role computers have played to help save the world while creating your own secret code? In this workshop, you’ll learn how computers were used in World War II and why their invention was so critical. Then you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with creating and breaking simple codes online. This workshop will provide an introduction to computer science designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics!

10) Optics in Action

Light sabers might be all the rage, but lasers are pretty cool too! You’ll be beaming in no time when you get to design a path for a laser with handheld mirrors. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be competing for the most accurately designed laser path! Learn about lasers and reflection and even the experimental engineering process in this workshop!

11) Project Runway: Science Edition

Think science isn’t a part of fashion? Think again! Who says you can’t wear chemistry? Using chromatography, the separation of a mixture, we will make tie-dye t-shirts that you can add to your wardrobe to make all your friends jealous. Designed entirely by you, explore your creative side while learning about a basic chemistry concept that is utilized often in the workforce.

12) Robot Revolution

Want to master a new language? Or to become a master of the universe? With coding, you can do both! In this workshop, you’ll learn the coding you need to write programs to control the movement, sound, and color of a Finch robot. Then you’ll get to program a “Finch Dance” of your very own.

13) Squishy Circuits

How does electricity travel? What properties make certain materials more conductive than others? In this workshop, you’ll use different kinds of dough to design and test real electrical circuits. After testing your circuits and learning about conductivity, you’ll get to take your dough home with you along with directions on creating your own circuit at home.

Note: This workshop is not recommended for students with any food allergies. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver will be required.

14) Whatever Floats Your Boat

Gravity and buoyancy are playing tug-of-war with ships at sea every day. Now you can find out just how they stay afloat. Submerge yourself in the exciting science of buoyancy as you explore the special ability of submarines to flink (float/sink)! By the end of this workshop, you’ll have your very own successful foil boat and flinker to take home to show off how your mastery of buoyancy to your friends and family.