Workshop Descriptions

Arduino?  Your ‘Duino!                                                                                             Sponsored by:

Ever wonder how lights “dance” in shows? How they can be programmed to blink fast or slow? By using an LED and a microprocessor, you’ll learn and understand how lights are able to “dance” in this workshop. You’ll use an Arduino processor in a circuit to program an LED in this workshop. This simple activity will teach you the basics of Arduino, electronics, and programming.

Bot Brigade                                                                                                              Sponsored by:

It’s programming time! Join the Bot Brigade in this fun workshop to program a LEGO Mindstorms robot to make its way through an obstacle course. You’ll explore programming and critical thinking in this fun, interactive workshop!

Chromatographic Flowers                                                                                       Sponsored by:

Let’s talk about plants! Plants use capillary action as a key part of their growth. In this workshop, you’ll use chromatography, the separation of a mixture, to explore how plants grow and become important parts of the food chain. Bleed some colors and experiment to learn about this important biological concept!

FABLab – Robotics and Arduino Programming!                                         Sponsored by:

NAWCAD is bringing their FABLab to visit us at STEM-ING this year! You’ll get a tour of the FABLab, checking out equipment like 3D printers and lasers. Then, the FABLab experts will guide you through programming a robot using an Arduino!

Jawsome Shark Teeth                                                                                             Sponsored by:

Did you know sharks can shed up to tens of thousands of teeth in their lifetime? Some sharks even have 3000 teeth in their jaw at one time! In Jawsome Shark Teeth, you’ll learn all about these amazing creatures and their special jaws. Come experiment with actual shark teeth!

Squishy Science: Strawberry DNA                                                                         Sponsored by:

Did you know all living things have Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, which is the chemical instructions on how to make a living thing by controlling everything that happens in cells? DNA can actually be seen with the naked eye when collected from thousands of cells as well. Join us in Squishy Science to isolate real DNA from a strawberry using the same materials you can find at home and enjoy this fun demonstration of biology!

To Be or Not To Be Afraid: Radiation                                                           Sponsored by:

You might be thinking Spider-Man, but sorry, no superhero-turning radioactive spiders here! In this workshop, you’ll learn about objects around you every day that are actually radioactive! You’ll work in a group to learn how to shield radiation and construct a cloud chamber to observe radiation with your own eyes. Guided by an expert in this scary subject, you’ll find out just how afraid – or not – you should be of radiation.

You Have Potential                                                                                                 Sponsored by:

It’s time for a physics experiment….and a competition! In You Have Potential, you’ll get to design and conduct a race course for a ping pong ball, then you’ll race against other teams to see who has mastered the concept of potential energy the best! Join us for this fun workshop about harnessing potential and kinetic energy.