There are 13 workshops to choose from! Students will participate in 3 hands-on workshops during the event. Workshop space is limited and availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students’ top workshop choices may not be guaranteed. If the students’ first choices are not granted due to availability, then the registrant will be placed in their backup workshop choice or another available workshop. Workshop descriptions are provided below. Desired workshops will be selected during registration.

1) #CodingCoyotes
Awooo-wooo! That’s coyote talk for “hello.” Coyotes have various vocal calls for talking with one another and in this workshop, you will earn how to create your own audio file that will sound like a coyote call. By using LabVIEW with guidance, you will learn the basics of programming to create the call. Since LabVIEW is graphical data flow language, you will be able to easily see, develop, and debug your coyote call code and get on the road to learning programming!

2) Spudmarine

Gravity and buoyancy are playing tug-of-war with ships at sea every day. Now you can find out just how they stay afloat. Join in the learning about the science of buoyancy as you explore the special ability of submarines to operate! Using science and engineering, you’ll become a master of buoyancy – making a potato sink or float!

3) Cyber Crimes Unit
This workshop will explain the concept of cyber espionage in today’s business world and will describe the types of careers that investigate cyber-crimes. You’ll learn about different methods that are used by law enforcement during cyber-criminal investigations. Then, you  will get to conduct your own cyber investigation in the computer lab. You’ll receive a Mission Brief and carry out the mission to uncover hidden files an data that has been stolen from a company by its competitor!

4) Door Number Three
The “Monty Hall Problem” is a game show scenario made famous by the “Ask Marilyn” column of Parade Magazine in 1990. In this workshop, you will simulate the role of the game show contestant playing to win a prize. The workshop will explain which strategy gives the contestant the best chance of winning based on basic probability and will discuss the debate that followed the publication of the problem.

5) Fighting Gravity
Rock climbing is fun, exciting, and just a little bit scary! Have you ever wondered how some people are able to climb so fast? Join in on the physics excitement with Fighting Gravity and learn how concepts like friction, center of gravity, weight distribution, and equipment design help you master the vertical wall safely! You’ll be shown proper equipment and techniques to climb the indoor rock wall.
Note: There are inherent bodily risks involved in climbing wall activities. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver are required during registration. Students are encouraged to wear long shorts/pants for this exercise.

6) Fashionable Chemistry
Think science isn’t a part of fashion? Think again! Who says you can’t wear chemistry? Using chromatography, the separation of a mixture, you will learn how to convert and ordinary t-shirt into an intricate tie-dye design that you can show off at home. Explore your creative side while learning about a basic chemistry concept that is often utilized in the workforce.

7) Hidden Figures: The First Mission
Follow in the footsteps of the women from the movie Hidden Figures! Discover how NASA brings astronauts back to Earth from outer space. You’ll be given the task of engineering a recovery vehicle that can allow an egg to survive a fall. You’ll even have to use your budgeting skills to efficiently pay for materials to build your vehicle. See if you can match the success of the Hidden Figures ladies.

8) Puppy Love
Though vets are the best help for our dogs, there are some things we can help with at home to make sure our canine friends stay happy and healthy. Puppy love features a professional veterinarian and some of her gentle pups – all ready to teach you home care for your pet. Come prepared to learn about dogs and get some insight into vet medicine!
Note: This workshop is not recommended for students with any skin/pet allergies. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver are required during registration.

9) Rocketry and Reactions!
Have you ever wondered what causes the fired cloud seen during a rocket launch? Or how astronauts steer a spacecraft in outer space? You will learn all about those topics in this workshop which focuses on chemical reactions used in modern day rocket propulsion systems.  You’ll see demonstrations of several different chemical reactions and learn about rocket design and trajectory. Then, you ‘ll get to design your own rocket and use those chemical reactions to launch your rocket outside!

10) The Science of Flubber
Learn how everyday objects are created by polymers, long chains of elements. These long polymers are essential in science and are found in materials such as wool, silk, and rubber. Create your own “slime” polymers to see how material properties can change from different chemical and physical stimuli.

11) Science Trek: Space Vulcanology
Not only will this workshop teach you about volcanoes, you’ll get to learn about volcanoes in space! Scientists here on Earth study volcanoes to learn more about other planets, their history, and their current conditions. By building up and dissecting your own volcano mad e with play-dough, let’s explore how volcanoes are formed, how they can be studied today, and what they can tell us about Mars and the Moon!

12) X Marks the Spot
Provided a map and a GPS, you’ll travel to specific coordinates, which will give you a tour of St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). Take a walk with SMCM students and, throughout the tour, you will be given insight into what attending college is like and what opportunities are available to you at SMCM.
Note: Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the outside temperature.

13) The World Wonders: Cryptography
Come learn about a legend in the field of cryptanalysis, Elizebeth Smith Friedman, whose career focused on catching criminals and spies by using their own secret messages against them. In the World Wonders, you’ll learn how to encrypt and decrypt messages on your own using some introductory ciphers. Join us in this workshop for your introduction to the world of code-breakers!