Online Workshop Descriptions

Note: All workshops will be offered online and will feature a pre-recorded video explaining and demonstrating the workshop, along with instructional guides and a kit of materials, as needed. Girls will be able to post questions in an online classroom during the three week STEM-ING event, and workshop leads will be available to respond.

AI Girls                                                                                                          Sponsored by:

Ever wish you could duplicate yourself to do more things? Maybe create an AI of yourself? Come learn about how artificial intelligence technology is shaping our lives today and about the tools that are being used to collect data to make those decisions. In this workshop, you’ll use online Teachable Machine tools to train and test an AI model.

Hot Stuff!                                                                                                     Sponsored by:

Beep, beep – sending you a microwave transmission! Come join us to learn about the science of microwave ovens, right in your own kitchen. We’ll discuss how they heat up your favorite foods and how they can be used for cool science like measuring the speed of light! In this workshop, you’ll learn about thermodynamics through experiments with marshmallows and water. Let’s heat things up and create a sticky mess!

I Tinker, Therefore I Am                                                                            Sponsored by:

This workshop will explore the world of electronics and allow you to program a microprocessor to create a light show of your own design! You’ll learn about circuitry, software programming, and Arduino processors while building your own virtual breadboard. Control electric components of light and discover the fields of computer design, programming, and hardware development!

The Nature of Light                                                                                       Sponsored by:

In this workshop, you’ll learn that light can exist as both a particle and wave. This will be demonstrated through the use of handheld lasers. You will further explore the properties of light by using a laser to measure the tiniest things – like the width of a human hair! When shining a laser on a thin object, the light will create a special pattern and you’ll find out how to interpret it.

Rainbow in a Jar                                                                                         Sponsored by:

Have you ever wanted to hold a rainbow in the palm of your hand? Well, now you can! In Rainbow in a Jar, you’ll explore the scientific concept of density and how density prevents different liquids from mixing. This workshop features “hands-on” experiments where you will hypothesize and evaluate how liquids cause some objects to sink, but others to float. This knowledge will then be used to create your own personal rainbow using only sugar and water at home!

The Science of Slime                                                                                     Sponsored by:

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid – that means slime doesn’t follow the same rules as other fluids you can think of. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about slime and get to make some of your own at home, while experimenting with how different materials and recipes affect the slime!

Water Filtration Challenge                                                                          Sponsored by:

In Water Filtration Challenge, you’ll get to experience what scientists on Earth and astronauts in space do every day – the filtration of water. You’ll use a variety of everyday items to create your own water filter to test and improve while comparing the effectiveness of materials. Learn about the impacts of pollution in water and the considerations involved in designing a large-scale filtration system for an entire city!