There are 15 workshops to choose from! Students will participate in 3 hands-on workshops during the event. Workshop space is limited and availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students’ top workshop choices may not be guaranteed. If the students’ first choices are not granted due to availability, then the registrant will be placed in their backup workshop choice or another available workshop. Workshop descriptions are provided below. Desired workshops will be selected during registration.

1) #CodingCoyotes
Awooo-wooo! That’s coyote talk for “hello.” Coyotes have various vocal calls for talking with one another and in this workshop, you will earn how to create your own audio file that will sound like a coyote call. By using LabVIEW with guidance, you will learn the basics of programming to create the call. Since LabVIEW is graphical data flow language, you will be able to easily see, develop, and debug your coyote call code and get on the road to learning programming!

2) Code Combat

Programming is magic! You can create anything you imagine with a touch of your fingertips. In Code Combat, you’ll learn about the basics of script programming while playing through a game – helping your hero navigate through mazes while dodging deadly obstacles and enemies. Join us to work at your own pace and have fun as you enter the world of coding!

3) Fighting Gravity

Rock climbing is fun, exciting, and just a little bit scary! Have you ever wondered how some people are able to climb so fast? Join in on the physics excitement with Fighting Gravity and learn how concepts like friction, center of gravity, weight distribution, and equipment design help you master the vertical wall safely! You’ll be shown proper equipment and techniques to climb the indoor rock wall.

Note: There are inherent bodily risks involved in climbing wall activities. Prior parent/guardian consent and a waiver are required during registration. Students are encouraged to wear long shorts/pants for this exercise.

4) Fashionable Chemistry

Think science isn’t a part of fashion? Think again! Who says you can’t wear chemistry? Using chromatography, the separation of a mixture, you will learn how to convert an ordinary t-shirt into an intricate tie-dye design that you can show off at home. Explore your creative side while learning about a basic chemistry concept that is often utilized in the workforce.

5) Filtering Out the Filth

Yuck, NASA wants astronauts to drink what? In Filtering Out the Filth, you’ll learn about water filters and how they can be used on Earth and in outer space to provide clean drinking water! Groups will get to test their own filters against some filthy water and see just what materials work best to get that crystal clear goodness. Join in on this exciting water filtration experiment!

6) The Glossy Details

Have you ever wondered how lip gloss is made? Or how scientists select colors and flavors for lip gloss? You will learn the answers to these questions in this workshop which focuses on chemistry and chemical engineering principles used to create stylish makeup. You will use these principles to create your own self-made lip gloss that you can show off to all of your friends!

Note: This workshop is NOT recommended for students with any food or skin allergies. Prior parent consent and waiver will be required for this workshop.

7) Mini-Game Programming

Have you ever wanted to construct your own computer game? Using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations! In Mini-Game Programming, you’ll learn about the underlying logic and algorithms in some of your favorite computer games and get a chance to make a basic game of your own.

8) A Plant’s Life in Action

Everybody’s gotta eat, right? So what exactly do plants eat and how do they manage it? In A Plant’s Life in Action, you’ll learn about photosynthesis and how it’s important to not just plants, but humans too. The workshop features an experiment with real live plants and includes a chance to see photosynthesis in action before your very eyes! Join us in this workshop to learn about the life of plants and their relationship to the rest of us on Earth.

9) Radiation: Fear vs Reality

You might be thinking Spider-man, but sorry, no superhero-turning radioactive spiders here! In Radiation: Fear vs Reality, you’ll learn about objects around you every day that are actually radioactive! You’ll work in a group to construct a cloud chamber to observe radiation with your own eyes. Guided by an expert in this scary subject, you’ll find out just how afraid

– or not – you should be of radiation.

10) Rocketry and Reactions!

Have you ever wondered what causes the fire cloud seen during a rocket launch? Or how astronauts steer a spacecraft in outer space? You will learn all about those topics in this workshop which focuses on chemical reactions used in modern day rocket propulsion systems. You’ll see demonstrations of several different chemical reactions and learn about rocket design and trajectory. Then, you’ll get to design your own rocket and use those chemical reactions to launch your rocket outside!

11) The Science of Flubber

You’ve heard of carbon and hydrogen, right? Now, what do you think happens when carbon and hydrogen are linked together in long chains? In The Science of Flubber, explore the world of long chemical chains called polymers. You’ll make Styrofoam melt, create your own slime polymer, and explore the properties of other chemical creations.

12) Spaceship Adventures

In Spaceship Adventures, you’ll be captaining a spaceship traveling through space! The mission? To successfully navigate through space near planets with varying atmospheres, affecting engine speeds. Your goal? Reaching your target: an asteroid headed right towards Earth! You’ll need to work together in groups and put your problem-solving skills to the test to figure out how fast you need to zoom through space to make it to the asteroid.

13) Watershed in a Pan

Did you know you live in a watershed? No, not a shed, but a geographical area where water drains into a river. Join us in Watershed in a Pan to learn about this exciting feature of Earth that affects your everyday life and make your own mini-watershed in a pan! You’ll learn why watersheds are important and how you can keep your community more clean by taking care of your watershed.

14) The World Wonders: Cryptography

Come learn about a legend in the field of cryptanalysis, Elizebeth Smith Friedman, whose career focused on catching criminals and spies by using their own secret messages against them. In The World Wonders, you’ll learn how to encrypt and decrypt messages on your own using some introductory ciphers. Join us in this workshop for your introduction to the world of codebreakers!

15) X Marks the Spot

Ever wonder how a GPS manages to guide you from one place to another? Join us in X Marks the Spot to learn about GPS and geocaching and to take a tour of St Mary’s College of Maryland all at once! Provided a map and a GPS, you’ll help guide the group to specific coordinates along your tour. Take a walk with SMCM students for a chance to find out what the college experience is like and what opportunities are available to you at SMCM.

Note: Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the outside temperature.