Workshop Descriptions

Arduino Light Show!                                                                                                         Sponsored by:

Ever wonder how lights can be programmed to blink fast or slow or “dance”? In this workshop, you’ll be able to create you own light show. By using an Arduino processor and an LED, you’ll learn how lights are able to “dance”. The Arduino processor will be placed in a circuit with an LED, allowing you to control the light after writing a program. This workshop will teach you the basics of Arduino programming and electronics.

Chemistry Goes Boom!                                                                                                     Sponsored by:

In this workshop, special guests from the US Bomb Technician Association will lead you in a forensic investigation of some mysterious crime scene evidence. Let’s make some “elephant toothpaste” to figure out if this evidence is dangerous or just some harmless hydrogen peroxide. You’ll have a blast learning about the explosive science of chemistry and how it’s used everyday by the USBTA!

COLOR: Lasers and Communications                                                                                         Sponsored by:

Come join us for a workshop full of laser fun! You’ll learn about the Navy uses lasers to communicate under the water in a method called LIDAR. In a hands-on experiment, you’ll get to play music from your phone on a speaker using a transceiver/receiver circuit you build yourself! Let’s play with colors and lasers in this fun, musical workshop!

FABLab – Robotics and Programming                                              Sponsored by:

This workshop will take place in the “FABLab”, where you will have the opportunity to check out equipment like 3D printers, ultra-precise computer-controlled CNC milling machines, a laser used to cut through metal and more. Then, the FABLab experts will help you build a robot that will respond to a code that you write.

Fundamentals of Flight: Flight Simulator                                                                                    Sponsored by:

If you have ever wanted to try being a pilot, then this workshop is perfect for you. You will learn about different flight profiles and about different careers in aviation. Then you’ll have the chance to try out some flying for yourself! See if you can spot the Solomon’s Bridge while conducting steep turns, runway landings, and more. All workshop participants will have a chance to fly the simulators.

Gettin’ Rusty                                                                                                                          Sponsored by:

Rusty, crusty, it’s all kind of yucky, right? What exactly is going on when something corrodes, rusts, and gets all orange? In this workshop, you’ll learn what kind of work the Navy does to address rust on ships and aircraft. Then, you’ll get to watch a nail rust before your very eyes in a special “bath” – watch out for splashes!

Know Your Blood Type: Learn Your A’s, B’s, and O’s                                                        Sponsored by:

During medical procedures such as surgery, it can be critical for doctors and nurses to know the patient’s blood type. In this workshop, you’ll learn the biomedical science of different blood types and also learn some basics about blood transfusions and blood donations. Then you’ll have a chance to analyze samples of synthetic blood to determine its type and make decisions like you are a doctor or nurse!

The Military Wears Prada                                                                                               Sponsored by:

Military uniforms aren’t just functional, they can be fashionable too! Join an expert in women’s military fashion in an interactive discussion of what kind of engineering and science goes into the design of military uniforms. You’ll get to see and touch real uniforms and equipment that keep servicewomen safe and secure while in action!

A Plant’s Life in Action                                                                                                     Sponsored by:

So…what exactly do plants eat? Are plants actually important? In A Plant’s Life in Action, you’ll learn about photosynthesis and how it’s vital for both plants and humans. This workshop features a “hands-on” experiment with live plants and will allow you to witness photosynthesis in action! Join us in this workshop to learn about the life of plants and their relationship to the rest of us on Earth!

Radiation – Right In Front of You!   Sponsored by:  

In this workshop, you’ll learn about objects around you every day that are actually radioactive, but still safe! While the concept of radiation and radioactivity may sound very dangerous, this workshop will demonstrate the science behind the concepts and the benefits can come from that science. You’ll work in a group to learn how to shield radiation and construct a cloud chamber, which will allow you to observe radiation particles with your own eyes. Guided by an expert, you’ll learn the science behind the reaction and get a chance to see this typically invisible process take place.

Squishy Science: DNA Extraction                                                                                Sponsored by:

Did you know all living things have Deoxyribonucleic acid – aka DNA? DNA gives all living things their characteristics by controlling everything that happens in cells. While this may sound like something you can only see through a powerful microscope, DNA can actually be seen with the naked eye! In this workshop, you’ll be able to isolate real DNA from different fruits, using basic household materials to create a reaction. You’ll be able to see the DNA size and shape and compare them to the DNA of other items during this demonstration of biology!